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IIC Office
The IIC has three ladies attending madressa  at SADICS weekly. Transport is arranged for them.

Ramadaan Jalsa
The 2015 Jalsa  was held in seven areas
Chris Hani Hall, Glenhills Jamat Khana, Shakaville Jamat Khana, Lindeleni Jamat Khana, Doringkop Madressa, Sakhamkhani Jamat Khana & Madundube Islamic Centre.

Two sheep were slaughtered and distributed to ten people who attended the program which was regarded as part of lesson to the reverts.

Hospital Visits
Every Thursday IIC officials visit the patients at the hospital, speak to them and  encourage them to have faith in  Allah(SWT).

Prison Visits
Every Friday IIC officials visit the prison and spend one hour with the inmates, teaching them salat, wudhu, fasting, zakat,  Iman and other basics of Islam. In Ramadaan sehri / iftaar is arranged.

Basis Islam Classes
3 students attended classes at the IIC office. Classes starts at 9am in the morning from Mon to Thurs. The Public is welcome to attend or send their staff for whatever time.

Alhamdulillah in the year 2015, 45 people accepted Islam.
24 men and 22women. The number was increased compared to 2014 whereby 30 people accepted Islam.

IIC distributed hampers to zakatable reverts. 45 people received hampers. We thank our brothers for their  donations that enabled us to reach the needy.

The IIC works hand in hand with the Muslim Prison Board to monitor the halaal food and other Islamic aspects of Muslim prison inmates. We advise inmates to be firm and adhere to Islamic principles which is Quran and Sunnah as a guideline to brighten their future.

In the year 2015 IIC performed seven nikahs.