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Sheikh Moosa Jamal rahmatullah alayh was the Imam of Sunny Park Jamaat Khana in Stanger. Born in Mozambique, he moved to South Africa about 12 years ago to learn deen.  He passed away on Friday 30 Sept 2016 / 28 Zil Hijjah 1437 around Juma time.

1. Sheikh Moosa had a liking for his students and they too loved him.

2. Once in a while, Sheikh Moosa would treat his students with sweets and sometimes toys. This he would purchase with his own money.

3. One day I noticed Sheikh was late for madrasah classes. I waited with my son for him to arrive. A few minutes later he arrived. The delay was because he went to personally fetch the little children from the flats. This was a regulat practice of his.

4. Sheikh started hifz and would walk to the Darul uloom for lessons daily. A distance of some 3 km. He passed away while becoming a hafiz and will Inshallah be raised as a Hafiz.

5. Sheikh would often be found reading Quran before and after Salaat.

6. He was particular in completing the Sunnat and Nawafil Salaat and often he would be the last person in the musallah to finish the Salah.

7. Sheikh would be particular in welcoming the month of Ramadaan. Together with Br Ayub Ganie, the Sunny Park musallah would be painted almost on an annual basis in prep for Ramadaan. Any thing to be fixed too would be fixed by these two.

8. Sheikh would ensure the dastarkhan for iftaar would be layed out for all those fasting.

9. Sometimes if there was no lights, he would personally pay for it.

Notes from Ml Salmaan Kajee

Sheikh, when asked how does he manage in his one room apartment, would always reply- my palace is in Jannah.
Sheikh was always welcoming to musallees. He did not only know the musallees or the kids at madrassah, rather he had a good relationship with all the families in his localities.

Many times, non Muslims would stop to greet sheikh and display great respect for him.

He was really an example of Al ameen - the trustworthy. When some parents gave up hope on their sons who were on substance abuse, they would only trust sheikh to deal with the problem.

Notes from Ml Saleem Mangerah

Although he started to do hifz, he branched out to study Arabic, fiqh, Islamic history, tajweed, translation of quran etc the past few years.

  1. He was always very calm and cheerful.
    He never used to become angry. This showed what a wonderful character he possessed.

  2. He lived an extremely simple life. He divorced himself from worldly attractions. He made his purpose in this world the hereafter.

Notes from Ml Hashim Gori

He was content living in a small room with hardly any space. On occassions I offered to rent a bigger premises for him but he declined saying this was sufficient for him.

I often found him fasting on Mondays and thursdays.


Notes from Br Ayub Ganie

Marhoom Moosa was a wonderful person. He was a wonderful person to work with in taking care of the Jamaat khana. May Allah grant him Jannah and his family sabr.